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    About Us

    When did D'Lites start?

    D’Lites started in Plantation, Florida in 1982, offering delicious foods that put a smile on your face without adding pounds to your waist. You can live healthy while still enjoying all the yummy stuff you crave. Especially if you LOVE ice cream.

    How do we do it?

    D’Lites frozen soft-serve is REAL ice cream, not yogurt.

    We just use a special mix that requires far less sugar than standard ice cream places - or the stuff you can buy in the store. And we never use artificial sweeteners.

    The taste... absolutely amazing!

    We also offer a great selection of low carb groceries that are perfect whether you’re watching your weight or juggling other dietary restrictions.

    About the owners

    Peter & Karen West purchased D’lites in October of 2021 with the goal of serving the health and wellness community in Gainesville. As the owners of West Health Spa, our family’s core values are centered around creating balance: balancing work and play as well as holistic and health-conscious lifestyles.

    We believe healthier options shouldn’t leave you restricting your diet. D’lites ice cream balances the satisfying dessert flavors you love without sacrificing your current health goals. Stay tuned for additional health & wellness products we plan to roll out in 2022!


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